Administrator. Entrepreneur.

What I Do

I am an administrator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about excellence in leadership and organizational management. Also, as a rehabilitated substance addict, I am passionate about helping others come out of various addictions.

I Consult.

As a virtual administrator, I offer professional advice and consultation to organizations hoping to improve their people, time, and organizational management processes.

I Motivate.

As a reformed and rehabilitated substance addict, after getting saved, I developed a strong passion for helping other people out of the pit of addiction

I Write.

I write often about motivation, people management, time management, and organizational processes.

Need Advice?

Do you need advice on administration or substance abuse?

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About me

I have been serving in Leadership positions for almost a decade and I am passionate about the management of people, time, and resources in an organization for optimal performance and profit realization. I offer professional advice and consultation for organizations that need improvement in any sector

I was also a substance addict for several years and after being saved, I developed the passion for helping people out of various addictions.


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